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Dear Mr. Schutter

My name is Julia Foster Beeman and I am the plaintiff in Foster vs. Polynesian Cultural Center, a case handled by your staff attorney, Mr. Michael Stern. The case went to arbitration August 24, 1988. As we await Judge Kenbara’s decision, I wanted to take the time to commend your firm and particularly Mr. Stern.

Mr. Stern Has been diligent, sympathetic, enthusiastic, and dedicated from day one. Although it required a great effort to communicate with me in North Carolina, he never slipped in his duties or left a stone unturned. My husband and I could not have handpicked a better attorney to represent us. Regardless of the final outcome, we are convinced that Mr. Stern did his very best for us, and for your firm. You should be proud to have such a “go-getter” on your staff. He would often surprise me by calling on the weekend advising me of some piece of evidence he had turned up, a legal decision he had found to support our case, or to clarify a particular point. I know that when my case was first accepted by your firm, Michael was told he would be lucky to settle for $10,000. In arbitration, the damages totaled over $500,000. It meant a great deal to me, being in court management by profession, to be able to trust Mr. Stern, an attorney, with my future!

I would also like to commend Mr. Lou Baker for his hard work prior to the hearing and his support during the 1-1/2 day emotional tug-of-war. He did an excellent job handling the evidence, and provided a lot of support to Mr. Stern and me. As a matter of fact, my husband and I were overwhelmed by the encouragement and hospitality provided to us by all your staff.

In closing, I would like to again say “thank you” for accepting my case and providing me with such a competent attorney. Mr. Stern is a great asset to your firm.


Julia Foster Beeman

September 1, 1988

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Dear Dave:

I want to thank you for your time and effort on our behalf in the lawsuit against Rolfing Production over the Maui Classic. Your evaluation of the case and your strategy in dealing with it were excellent.

Thank you for making Mike Stern available to us. He did a fine job! He was dignified, friendly, and persistent. He developed good relations with the judge, the judge’s staff, and opposing counsel. During the evidential hearing, he carefully built our case, was quick on his feet, vigorously defended our interests, and gave us appropriate advice during negotiations with the judge and Rolfing’s attorneys. His legal brief was based on solid research, and I found his reasoning persuasive. Throughout it all, I had complete confidence in him.

During difficult times, friends are especially appreciated. Thank you for being a friend of Chaminade University!

Very truly yours,

Kent M. Keith, President

March 23, 1990

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Mr. David C. Schutter,

Now that all the details of my settlement from my accident have been resolved (Kessing vs. National Concreate) I thought that I would write and thank you and your associates for all that you have done for me. I would especially like to thank you for having Michael I. Stern handle my case. He made an otherwise miserable experience as pleasant as possible. Mr. Stern always kept me informed of my options, and provided me with excellent advise, and his skills as my attorney resulted in a very fair settlement.

In addition, Mr. Stern is simply a nice friendly person and his manner really helped smooth worries that, I am sure, always make this whole process more difficult than it has to be. Merry Christmas to your and your associates.


Bailey D. Kessing

December 17, 1990

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Dear David

On Wednesday, September 25, I went to an MCCP hearing and was represented by Michael Stern of your office. It was a very difficult day, and having Michael Stern there with me made it much easier. He only received my file less than a week prior to this hearing, and he did a thorough, professional and capable presentation on my behalf.

I was so pleased to have him there with me since he was not only totally in charge, but he also was caring and compassionate with me and made sure that I knew exactly what was going to happen and protected me every step of the way.

I’ve been advised that a positive decision is usually not forthcoming from these hearings. However, Michael’s presentation was excellent and he put our case in the best light possible and brought out all of the flaws in the opposition’s testimony.

Your firm is fortunate to have this bright, articulate attorney on staff, and any client will be well served having him as their representative. His associate, Eve Green, was also very capable and was a pleasure to work with.

We’ll await the outcome of the MCCP decision and then will decide the best course of action. Thank you for giving this MCCP hearing to Michael. It was an excellent strategy.

I look forward to meeting with you again sometime in the near future.

Sincerely, Karen Mendreshora

September 27, 1991

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Dear Mr. Stern:

I wish to thank you for all your help on my personal injury case. I know that, even though cases involving soft tissue injury are not getting the large settlements they did in the past, you were able to get a substantial recovery for me. Not only were you able to get me a good recovery, but your dealings with me were extremely courteous and calming in some very trying moments of my life. You did relieve a lot of the stress which comes with being injured and trying to carry on with my life.

I am writing this letter for your use, and expect it to be show to other clients, who I know will be just as satisfied with your assistance as I have been.


Dena Rootes

July 10, 1997

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Dear Michael Stern,

I’m not sure how to start this letter. When the accident first happened friends and family gave me different advice. I wasn’t sure who to listen to or what to do. I knew I needed help. So I called two accident attorneys and spoke to their secretaries who I told the situation to. One was kind enough to call back to let me know it wasn’t worth his time. I thanked him for his honesty. I decided to give it one more try and called your office. I couldn’t be happier since I was let down by the first two. Once in a while someone touches you in a way that restores our faith in others. You didn’t only get me a settlement but gave me something money can’t buy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will never forget you for your compassion and kindness among other positive attributes. You have truly been a blessing.

I sincerely thank you,

Genevieve D’Alessendo

July 12, 2015

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Subject: Appreciation

I hope it’s alright that I am emailing you aside from the attorney we have been dealing with. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the time that the attorney you assigned to our case (Michael Stern) has been providing to my son and his pending legal matter. He was assigned to our case a few weeks back and we are very pleased with his performance. To be completely honest, he knew we had started the process but felt a little confused about what was going on. Since the day he contact us, our minds have been put at ease. I was hesitant at first because he was so new to your firm but those fears subsided after our very first meeting with Mr. Stern. We have heard from him almost daily, sometimes several times a day, either to request information or to simply let us know where we stand. He had included us in all correspondence and kept us very informed on what is going on from his end. We are enjoying his aggressive approach to get this settled. My son feels very confident knowing that Mike is working for him. We hope to have it settled soon and I will definitely be recommending him to anyone that needs representation. I think he is a great addition to your firm and he will be where I turn to if I ever find I need legal advice in the future.

Justina Katon

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To: The Partners of Powell Orr and Bredice

I am writing this little in praise of Michael Stern, who managed my personal injury case. My wife and I were very pleased with the financial outcome and the way our case was handled.

Communication with Michael was excellent. He called me regularly with updates, and, in the last few weeks of my case, as a settlement was close to being reached, Michael called me daily.

I always felt confident that Michael was making my case a priority and that he was doing the best he could to reach a quick settlement with the maximum award. In retrospect, I would say Michael made all the right moves.

I will definitely recommend Michael to anyone I know who needs a personal injury lawyer. It was a pleasure working with him.


Mark R. Paul

October 8, 2007

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To Whom It May Concern: RE: Michael I. Stern

I have had the privilege of knowing Michael Stern for over twenty years. I first met Mike when he was an associate in the law offices of a prominent Honolulu attorney with whom I had been a former partner. Mike successfully settled many cases at the law firm. He also worked on a product liability case that achieved a high jury verdict, lots of publicity, and established precedential law in Hawaii on loss of consortium and punitive damages.

Mike opened his own law practice in 1992. His practice thrived because of his legal skills and his empathetic personality. It was much to my disappointment that Mike left Hawaii and relocated with his two children to Burlington, Vermont. Our professional relationship had become a friendship. I also referred cases to Mike, many of which had exceptional outcomes.

Mike’s integrity is very high. He is extremely likable and is well regarded in the community by other professionals and the judiciary.

Suffice it to say that Mike would make an invaluable contribution to any firm with which he is associated. It has always been a pleasure to work with him. I wish him and the firm, which is fortunate enough to have his services, the very best.

Very truly yours,

Jan M. Weinberg

August 21, 2006

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RE: Reference for Bar Applicant Michael Stern

Dear Judge Joseph:

It gives me great pleasure to serve as a personal reference for Michael Stern, with whom I have enjoyed a colloquial professional relationship for almost 20 years. I know his family and friends, and have worked together with him on many cases. Michael is completely honorable in all that he does. I have watched him in very trying circumstances, including going through a divorce, and the beath of both his parents during a short time period. Through it all, he was a compassionate professional. He took care of his clients very well, all the time, every case. He watches out for their money and guards it studiously. If I had a family member who needed a lawyer in Vermont bar, I would refer that family member to him.

We worked together in the same law office for approximately three years. This was early in Mike’s career when he was a young associate right out of law school. Following that, we both had our own independent practices, and would often meet to talk over cases. On occasion, Michael would help me out with an assignment, and on occasion he would ask me to do the same. Occasionally, we would co-counsel on cases together. I had an opportunity to review his work on many cases, and have always been impressed with it. He has great imagination and compassion for his clients, and top-notch legal research and writing skills.

As a member of the Bar in Hawaii for 30 years, I am also familiar with his reputation around town. He is well loved and highly respected by members of both the plaintiff’s and defense bars. He is also respected by members of the Judiciary.

Mike Stern comes with my highest recommendation.


David F. Simons

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November 6, 2005


RE: Michael Stern

Dear Judge Joseph:

I will acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 27, 2006 requesting a character reference for Michael Stern who has applied for admission to the bar of the Vermont Supreme Court.

I have known Mr. Stern for more than 10 years. I became acquainted with him as a result of a personal injury case where he represented a plaintiff. Mr. Stern’s practice has primarily been involved in representing plaintiffs while mine is primarily representing defendants. We have been involved in a number of cases where we represented opposing parties

In all of my dealings with Mr. Stern, he has exhibited competence and knowledge in the representation of his clients. He is a real advocate in pursuing the interests and causes for his clients, but at the same time, he does maintain a reasonable approach toward resolving claims on behalf of his clients.

Prior to his departure from Hawaii, Mr. Stern and I were involved in a case where we both represented the injured parties. There were other parties that were also injured as a result of an automobile accident. Because of the limited insurance funds, all attorneys, including Mr. Stern and myself, did our best in advocating the interests of our respective clients while recognizing the fact that there were limited funds available for our clients. Mr. Stern was reasonable in his approach toward settlement and worked well with all of the attorneys to resolve the various claims without necessitating the respective parties to incur additional fees and costs.

From my personal acquaintance of Mr. Stern, I attest to the fact that Mr. Stern is a person of good moral character and fitness. From my personal observation, he has handled claims on behalf of his clients with their interests in mind and is not received as a Rambo-type attorney. His actions and conduct certainly have complied with our Rules of Professional Conduct.

In my opinion, I have never seen any evidence or hint of any mental health issues with Mr. Stern. He has exhibited mental fitness in the performance and discharge of his duties as required by an attorney.

Without reservations, I attest to Mr. Stern as a person of good moral character and fitness which I believe should qualify him for admission to the Bar of the Vermont Supreme Court.

Very truly yours,

Sidney K. Ayabe

November 3, 2006

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